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IN MEMORIAM: Robert Eisenstadt 1942 - 2020

On June 5, 2020, Robert Eisenstadt died peacefully at home, in the loving presence of his sister Nancy and his sister's family. He will be dearly missed by all of us who loved and appreciated him. If you would like to leave a story about Robert, write a message, or read what others have written, please click here.

He took pride in his collection and loved sharing it with fellow enthusiasts; please have a look and enjoy.

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Inlaid gambling chips (Crest and Seal-type) manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, which were made between approximately 1910 and 1940's and can be traced to the shipping-chip sample archive records of USPC, which usually show who ordered the chips, when  and in what quantities and colors (wait for pictures to download; worth the wait!).  (note: "Crest and Seal" chips are clay chips with litho inlays and flat rims, i.e., no embossed mold rims) (condition: all chips are in very fine to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted)  (I tried to price these chips fairly.  Feedback and offers to sell me chips are appreciated.  I wish others would have public price lists for these things.)
All the chips here
are the same size --
c. 1-1/2".  (Only the
pictures vary in
size.) 120 x 120
Name of chip Description, date, etc. (all are inlaid, either Crest and Seal chips or die-cut chips.)  All in very fine or better condition, unless otherwise noted.) Price per one chip

Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico


� for sale: the $5 orange-yellow pictured here.
� large, famous hotel-casino resort, frequented by the elite of Hollywood.  Opened 1928; closed 1935......shipped to Agua Caliente Co., Tijuana, Mexico, Nov. 26, 1928.


Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico, $25

� $25 black.
� very fine condition-excellent.
� see remarks above (US-39), and this informative page about the famous resort and other chips for sale.



Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico, $100 white

� $100 white, serrated edge.
� excellent
� see remarks above (US-39), and this informative page about the famous resort and other chips for sale.



Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Mexico, $100 green

� $100 green.
� excellent
� see remarks above (US-39), and this informative page about the famous resort and other chips for sale.

US-36 Arab Smoking Hash Pipe   � colors:  white, blue, red-maroon, green
� shipped to B.C. Wills & Co., Detroit, Mich., July 8, 1929.
US-35 Artistica Gallega Casino, Havana, Cuba

� red, light blue.
� chips shipped to Pernas Collado & Co, N.Y., April 23, 1931.............fine condition
US-51 Buffalo Head    � red, white, blue, yellow
� very fine
� shipped to Abercrombie and Fitch Co., NYC, 1917.
is $60)
US-1 B. L. Mc. have chips in red, white and blue.........ordered in 1923  and shipped to Chas. W. Hancher, Wheeling, W. Va. $90.00 
US-2 BPOE #99, Los Angeles
(reverse side says BPOE Elks 10c 99)
� white (10� on reverse side of chip) --  $6.00
� purple 25� -- $25.00
� red 50� -- $10.00
� green $1.00 -- $20.00
� yellow $5.00 --   SOLD
� mfg card shoes shipped 1927 to W.H. Goegee Co., Los Angeles. The lodge building is at 607 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles. .... .........note:  scan is poor; condition is mint.
to the
Breakers Club
� red, blue.
� excellent to very-fine
�  Click here to read a history and see a picture of the hotel (1926-1934; near the Santa Monica Pier, California) and to view the chips. Click here to see a video showing the building.
� the chips were shipped to Montags, Los Angeles, Calif.
US-28  Bronco Rider Have chips in red, white and blue. All have some burns on them, as do those from the only other source of these chips that I am aware of. I have one white one left -- $10, and pretty severe burns -- click here to see.  In 1928 these chips were shipped to the Cheyenne Cigar Store, Cheyenne, Wyo. $18.00 
Centro de la Colonia Espanola,  Santiago, Cuba
� green.
� condition -- very fine; background of inlay has nice light beige hue which may have turned this color over time.  I have seen these chips only with this hue.  Each side is different; the reverse side has what must be the casino logo -- a crown and shield.
� casino opened 1921, closed in the 1950's.
� this chip was sent to Pernas & Collade, N.Y. office, April 7, 1921

Charlevoix JK Club, Charlevoix MI

�colors for sale --  white
� condition -- used
� the club was run by the notorious Purple Gang (Levinson Bros.)
� chips shipped to J H Koch, Toledo office, March 10, 1919
US-53 The Christiania, Sun Valley-Ketchum, Idaho
(picture of skier on the inlay.
Click here for picture of some of the chips.)
Click here for a history of The Christiania Club and a picture of the Club.
� red, mustard -- $60 each; reds have slight edge nicks. sold
� yellow -- $35; fine condition.
� hot-stamped "C" chips, $7 each.  These were obtained at The Christiania along with the crest and seal chips. I have them in white and green (the green are not pictured).
� all chips in fine-very fine, though used, condition.
� shipped to B C Wills and Co, Detroit, Mich., (the major gambling supply house) in 1937.  George Weinbrenner, who owned B.C. Wills. founded the Christiania in 1937.  Closed about 1948.  Was visited by numerous Hollywood stars.
US-54 Casino Cubano Artemisa, Cuba

� red
� fine
� 1931 shipped to Pernas Collado & Co., NYC.



� brown -- fine condition -- have just this one chip
� 1929 ordered/shipped to Detroit, Michigan.  

US-55 Cleveland Athletic Club, Cleveland, Ohio
� yellow (a rare color for this chip) Note: inlay missing from one side!.
� very poor condition.  For example, inlays are discolored. And inlay is missing from one side!
� in 1926 the chips were shipped directly to the Club.
US-5 Chesterfield Club, Detroit, Michigan shipped 1936 to Chesterfield Club, Detroit Michigan (opened 1936, closed in 1940's).  Scan is poor, but nice crest and seal chip.......Lincoln Fitzgerald, the owner of the illegal mob run club, named it after his favorite cigarettes. (Lincoln Fitzgerald ran the Chesterfield Club for the Purple Gang with two boyhood friends: George Weinbrenner and Danny Sullivan. Fitzgerald eventually left Detroit when Nevada legalized gambling.  He and Sullivan opened up the Nevada Club in Reno and the Nevada Lodge in Lake Tahoe.  The same chips used in Michigan were used at the Nevada place.) $10.00
US-5a Chesterfield Club,
Detroit, Michigan
I have for sale:  yellow "50" (pictured), tan "5," green "10" and blue "20".  All 4 chips are pictured here of the US Playing Card Co. 1936order page! (sold out of "5" and "10" chips at the moment.)


Dallas Country Club, Dallas, Texas
� yellow
� used by the exclusive, famous country club of that name.  Storied history.  Exists today.
� fine condition
� manufactured in 1929

US-56 Utopia Club (Chinese translation)
sold out
� green
� fine
� according to Travis Lewin, the translation is "Peach Blossom Fountain," which is an allusion to a search for "Utopia."...... ........  The Chinese people that run restaurants and laundries in my neighborhood (Brooklyn Heights, NYC) say the letters are the name of a famous historic Chinese person.  Go know?
� in 1931 the chips were shipped to Zellerbach Paper Co, Calif.
US-57 Leisure Time (Chinese translation)

� pink.
� used, a little soiled and worn.
� the side in the scan means "send out."  The reverse side means "devoted to leisure" or "leisure time to enjoy oneself."
� shipped in 1926 to Samuel's Smoke House, Fresno, Calif.
I have  a hub mold hot-stamped chip with the same design ($20)

Country Club. Lake Tahoe NV
� yellow-orange
� very fine
� 1935 shipped to Noll & Co., Los Angeles, Calif.
US-40 CCC colors: blue, white, green, pink and lavender.  The white and blue chips have a small burn on one side......
Sept. 18, 1931, shipped to H C Evans and Co. in Illinois
Club Casa del Mar, Los Angeles, CA
colors: white.
Dec. 14, 1925, shipped to H & H Holding Co., Club Casa del Mar, Los Angeles, Calif.  Listed in The Gaming Table......difficult to see in the scan, but inside the crest are the letters "C C D M," seascape and a large wave.



� yellow
� sent in 1938 to B. C. Wills (the large national gambling supply house; many illegal club customers), Detroit, Michigan.

US-6 D-5 UFC: 1933 and 1938 shipped to B. C. Wills Co., Detroit, Michigan -- the large gambling supply house......Hard to see from the scan but it is a Crest and Seal (litho inlay) chip, and very nice condition. $75.00


� red and blue
� Ordered by Mandel Bros, Chicago, ( a sporting department store) in 1920 and 1921.

see eBay
 In 1929 these chips were shipped to "Tacoma Groc. Co., Tacoma, Wash."��I acquired 13 of these �all blue-- and don�t know of any others. $70.00
US-8 Empire Club, East St. Louis, Mo. have the chips in rust, white, blue and green..........In 1928 and 1929 the chips were sent to two well known gambling supply outfits -- Aladdin Specialty, Chicago, and B C Wills, Detroit.  $18.00
US-9 Elk (12-point antlers) Have the chips in white and blue.  Used, but OK..........These are generic poker chips, for Elks Club games and others; not rare; I'd rate them "uncommon.".....No date is given in the USPC photo-shipping archive records; it appears next to 1922 orders $9.00 
US-12 FOE  Eagle Lodge 449 (picture of spread eagle on reverse) shipped 1928 to Fraternal Order of Eagles #449 Norwood, Ohio. $35.00


FOE Eagle Lodge 197

� white, blue
�shipped 1928 to Toledo, Ohip, where the lodge is located.

US-13 Florida Palms generic poker chips have these in red, dark blue, yellow, and dark brown.  OK-decent used condition. .... .....Shipped 1925 to H. C. Evans, Chicago.  This is a generic chip, used for private poker games, and since they came in so many colors, they were probably used in illegal clubs for roulette and other table games. $9.00 
US-46 Green Mill Inn, Aribi, 
� condition: OK, used but no problems.
� opened c. 1927; closed now. From an eBay auction: "The Green Mill Inn was one of the earliest illegal casinos near New Orleans in the Roaring '20s. It was located at Angela and St. Claude Street in Arabi, just east of New Orleans' downtown, and across the Mississippi River ship channel from Algiers on the West Bank. It was operated by Mr. Greco."
� chips shipped to U. Coen and Co., New Orleans, La, June 6, 1927. 
Jos. S. Bauer/Arrowhead Club
� red, light blue, yellow, dark green ($23 each). ...  light green, dark brown ($50 each)
� the chips were shipped to "J.S. Bauer, Cinti, Ohio" in 1926.  Bauer ran the club, which was in the suburbs of Cincinnati, until 1937 when he was killed.  On the chip is apparently the back of a playing card which has on it two torches, two spades and the initials "J.S.B."


Gun Store, 8 FT.

� blue (chips have slight burns on the edges at places, usually on one side; attractive chips, though -- you have to look close to see anything untoward).
� In 1938 shipped to California Notion & Toy Co., San Francisco, Calif. (probably for one of their customers who ordered the chips through them).

US-33 Lake Shore Country Club, Chicago Ill.


red, white and yellow- very fine condition.........the chips were shipped May 8, 1922, to Mandel Bros., Chicago, for this very prestigious country club, which is now located in a Chicago suburb, Glencoe.   The Club still uses this logo today. $110.00
Mexican Flag/Indian Symbols
� colors: brown, gold (yellowish) -- each side is a different image as the pictures to the left show.
� Chips shipped to Int'l. B & B Co., El Paso, Texas, Oct. 12, 1917.  Images are national symbols of Mexico.  One side shows eagle on a cactus holding snake in its beak -- from an Indian legend about the founding of Mexico City, and now on the Mexican flag!



� green.
� chips sent in 1936 to W. E. Pinch, Lewiston, Idaho.  I was informed by an Idaho token collector: "These chips were sent to Louise Pinch who worked for W. E. Pinch and whose husband was related to W. E. Pinch.   Louise's maiden name was McAmes."

US-61 P-in-Diamond (sold, 12/02) � blue.  (Both chips are serrated.)
� excellent.
� 1928 shipped to J K Hornbein Co., Los Angeles Calif.
US-62 Quail
� blue 
� excellent
� 1930 shipped to Sterling E. Edmunds, St. Louis MO.
US-63 Rudy Klune
� yellow
� used, but would look great cleaned.  Nick on edge on one side; can't see it from other side.
� 1923 shipped to Louis S. Cohn Co., Butte, Mont.
US-21 Seventh Assembly Democratic Club

shipped April 1923 to New York Office  $120.00

US-22 Sailing Ship  blue. ..........shipped to Drake and Co., Kansas City, 1926.  These chips are not as rare as the others listed here; they were probably used as generic poker chips in many parts of the country.  Still, I consider them uncommon. $9.00
US-27 Shriner have chips in yellow and green........ Ordered by Buckingham Ensley Carrigan Co., Memphis, Tenn.; shipped February 1924.  Note: this is a particularly beautiful chip, both as to design and condition.  Much fine detail, such as head of Pharaoh, hard to see in small scan. bigger picture $40.00 each 
S.S. Tango

chip made with serrated edge; actual color is yellow; boat and waves are green........The Tango, Rex and other famous off-shore gambling boats were owned by Tony Cornero (a/k/a Anthony Cornero Stralla).  They operated off-shore at Santa Monica-Long Beach, California. Cornero was a bootlegger in the 1920's, and ran gambling boates in the 1930's-early 1940's.  .......chips shipped to Noll and Co. (the gambling supply house), Los Angeles CA, July 2, 1936 $50.00


S.S. Tango 100

blue, excellent condition, serrated edge, see comments for US-45, above.,



S.S. Rex
(1938 to c. 1940)
� yellow-orange color as shown.
� see the story in US-45, above.  Click here for pictures of the boat and news clippings.  The final raid against the Rex was led by California Atty General Earl Warren, who later became Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
� these chips for the Rex were initially shipped from the US Playing Card Co to B C Wills Co, Detroit (the large gambling supply house), in April 1938.

Stray Antlers, McGill, Nevada
each side is different; the reverse side has the familiar elks head common to many BPOE chips.........Card Room (illegal club? Elks Club?) before gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931.....shipped Feb. 21, 1927 to McGill Drug  Co., Inc., McGill, Nevada.....The Chip Rack (2000) calls the place Stray Antlers Elks Club and values the chip $100-$124. $80.00


Ten-F Club, Galveston, Texas
� set of four chips for sale here!  Click here to see the four chips and the story behind the chips, including a picture of the U.S. Playing Card Co. photo-shipping record for these chips!  .
� the 100 chip has a serrated edge.
� 1930's illegal club in Galveston, Texas area.  Be sure to click the above link to learn about this set of 4 chips.
� rare and scarce -- I have only a few sets left.

for set
of four
US-44 Three Boys Chewing Tobacco or Gum

Poor condition on both sides, yellow chip (not the one pictured here).  I used to have two chips. Now, I have just the one in poor condition.  Click here for the good sides of both chips and  here for the poor sides of both chips . Incidentally, I didn't bother to clean up either chip, so once you do that, they will look even better.  Return privileges, as with all of my sales.  .....shipped to "N.Y. Office" in 1924......The boy on the right is putting something into his mouth and handing something to the other boys.

US-29 Twenty Ordered by B. C. Wills & Co., Detroit, Mich., Feb. 27, 1934 $15.00
US-25 Walker's Saloon have chips in red, white and blue; small burns................Chips were shipped in 1929 to Louis S Cohn Co., Butte, Mont. They have been attributed to the Walker�s Saloon, also in Butte��..Note: the monogram is  the Old English "W", not "M."  $25.00
US-65 Wallace Corner, Idaho
� blue-gray
� used, otherwise it would look great cleaned.
� used in illegal club in Wallace, Idaho.
� 1937 shipped to Wallace Corner Co., Inc., Wallace, Idaho.


Excelsior Club, Cleveland, Ohio

� exclusive Jewish Men's club in Cleveland, Ohio.
� shipped 1926.

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