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Breakers Club, Santa Monica CA (1926-1934) (per The Gaming Table)

Can anyone give me further information on this chip?  For example, was the club famous?  Illegal club or just a social club?  Famous or infamous owners, clientele?  The USPC card says it was ordered by Montags, Los Angeles CA, May 18, 1926.

I acquired some of these recently.  I only have about 5 four-color sets, and then some extra reds and blues.

The sumptuous Breakers is pictured below. It and the Edgewater and Del Mar Club
                (all large structures) were next to each other on the Pacific, just south of the famous
                Santa Monica Pier. The Breakers later became the Chase Hotel and then Hotel
                Monica. Any further information about the Breakers Club would be appreciated.


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