ANTE UP: The Collection of Robert Eisenstadt

We welcome you to take part in Ante Up, the auction of the Robert Eisenstadt's incredible collection. The auction takes place on January 30, 2021 at 10:00AM CT. You can visit the auction website by clicking here.

You can also view the collection that is up for auction as a PDF.

If you have any questions about the auction, please contact Joseph Slabaugh (, 773-472-1442) at Potter & Potter Auctions.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert Eisenstadt 1942 - 2020

On June 5, 2020, Robert Eisenstadt died peacefully at home, in the loving presence of his sister Nancy and his sister's family. He will be dearly missed by all of us who loved and appreciated him. If you would like to leave a story about Robert, write a message, or read what others have written, please click here.

He took pride in his collection and loved sharing it with fellow enthusiasts; please have a look and enjoy.

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Inlaid gambling chips (die-cut inlaid type) manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, which were made between approximately 1910 and 1940's and can be traced to the shipping-chip sample archive records of USPC.  (wait for pictures to download; worth the wait!)  (note: "Die-cut inlaid chips" are inlaid chips that have a plain inlay [made of white plastic or laminated paper] that is cut up so that the silhouette effect against the clay of the chip produces a certain monogram or design;"Crest and Seal" chips are clay chips with litho [i.e., printed] inlays and flat rims, i.e., no embossed mold rims) (condition: all chips are in very fine to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted)  (I tried to price these chips fairly.  Feedback and offers to sell me chips are appreciated.  I wish others would have public price lists for these things.)
All the chips here
are the same size --
c. 1-1/2".  (Only the
pictures vary in
120 x 120
Name of chip Description, date, etc. (all are inlaid, either Crest and Seal chips or die-cut chips.)  All in very fine or better condition, unless otherwise noted.) Price per one chip

USD-50 ARB ¶ pink ($25), yellow ($15) and gray ($15)
¶ used, a little soiled from handling; otherwise fine.
¶ shipped in 1912 to F. Grote & Co., the major New York  gambling supply house.
USD-3 BCS have chips in red and blue..........UFC: the page in the archives with this chip is missing the shipping/order data.  The other chip on the page has a 1911 date......plain inlay. $50.00 


CAC -- Chicago Athletic Club

¶ issued 1924.  Chicago Athletic Club, per Ed Hertel's 2006 on-line edition of his "Ed Hertel's Price Guide for Illegal Casino Chips" (on pdf format) (shown there only in yellow clay w/ black inlay).  This is my last dupe of the chip -- used, slight hairline crack on part of (only) one side.   Nice enough chip.
¶ But perhaps the chip was used (or also used) in the Miami, Florida, area, as the historical society in south Florida has a picture of the aftermath of a 1929 police raid in Miami that shows the same chip in the picture!
¶ Handsome, big, thick, square-edged chip.  Unusual is that the inlay is black, not the usual white.

USD-4 Chicago Automobile Club This chip was for the Chicago Automobile Club.  It was sold through A. Pick and Co., Chicago ILL.  No date is given in the archives, but the closest dates on near pages are 1911 and 1922......note: small burn on one side of the chip, my only dupe.  Plain inlay. $125.00
USD-38 CN the USPC record of this one has the chip sample but is missing the shipping history.  It is near chips dated 1924 and 1925.......plain inlay. $7.00
USD-34 Columbian Club, St. 
Louis, Mo.
have chips in red, blue and yellow.  Fine condition........  Chips were shipped to A. S. Aloe Co., St. Louis, Mo., in 1919, 1923 and 1930......plain inlay $15.00
each, except
yellow is


Commonwealth Club,Worcester, Mass.
¶ red, white
¶ shipped to the Boston Office of USPC Co. in 1914 for the Commonwealth Club.  This is one of the oldest USPC chips in their chip sample-special chip order volumes.There is a notation that the chips were reordered in 1921 and 1923.
¶ Note how the C's have that little pointy "horn" at the top of the C's but not at the bottom.  That is normal.  The red chip in my personal collection is normal (like that) on one side, but by error the inlay was reversed on the other side. Click here to see that mirror image error.

USD-11 FS UFC: shipped in 1914 to F. Grote and Co, NY -- the large NYC gambling supply house.  Square-edged chip.  The shipping record also notes ".127 thickness.".......One chip is left: one side is fine, the reverse has a large edge nick. $75.00
US-14 GG UFC: in 1926 shipped to H. C. Evans and Co., Chicago, Ill........plain inlay $75.00
USD-15 HW ordered by L. Oppleman, Lynchberg, Va.; shipped June 1925......plain inlay $25.00
HJH have chips in yellow, pink, red and green.  Beautiful square-edged. ... ... ... ....UFC: shipped to B. C. Wills and Co., Detroit, Mich in 1935. $45 
USD-60 JLB ¶ red
¶ fine
¶ 1920 shipped to Churchill Drug Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
USD-31 JOY scanty information in the USPC archives for this chip: "H. C. Evans, Chicago, ILL."   (That is the major gambling supply house.).....Plain inlay. $50.00
USD-19 KT have chips in white, yellow, pink and green..........Used in Chinse gambling operation in hotel in Stockton CA,after being shipped to H C Evans and Co, the large Chicago gambling supply house, in 1917........Plain inlay. $20.00
USD-41 NJP small burn........shipped to Drake & Co, Kansas City, Mo., March 26, 1926.  Plain inlay. $60.00
USD-20 NP (for Mexico) USPC records read "Bought through H. C. Evans and Co., Chicago, [the major gambling supply outfit] shipped direct (for Mexico) 4/21/14"  (note: it could be either "NP" or "PN;"  plain inlay.) $50.00
USD-32 O'Dwyer's (OD), 100 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, La.
May 27, 1929, shipped to A. Baldwin & Co., New Orleans, La., for this poular club..........Plain inlay; unusual to find a colored (non-white) inlay -- red.  The chip for sale (my last one)  is light yellow clay with the red inlay. $55.00
USD-64 Old Southport Club, New Orleans, Louisiana
¶ white (with red inlay).
¶ fine, just a little sign of use.
¶ Ed Hertel in his Illegal Club guide shows it for that Club and values it at $100.
¶ 1927 shipped to A Baldwin and Co, New Orleans, La.
USD-23 University Club of New York City ordered in 1922 and shipped 1923 to the "New York Office [probably of US Playing Card Co.] for University Club New York City, N.Y." Plain inlay. $75.00
USD-24 VL have chip only in blue..........Chips are unidentified; all we know is that they were shipped in 1934 to large Detroit gambling supply house, B C Wills, but we don't know Wills' customer. ............Plain inlay. $25.00

¶ rust-red
¶ fine - OK.
¶ old chip, but modern looking optical illusion design.
¶ 1927 shipped to T R King and Co., Kansas City MO.  (T R King is/was a major gambling supply house, now in Los Angeles.)

USD-26 YC have in red.  Die cut plain inlays.......UFC:  shipped in 1922 to California Notion and Toy.,  San Francisco, 
Calif.....plain inlay.
$45.00 each


DC (Dutch's Club,
Minneapolis MN)

¶ red
¶ in 1918, 1919 and 1921 the USPC shipped the chips to Emil "Dutch" Nelson in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dutch was a leading rackateer there, with interests in many Minnesota area clubs.  The Dutch's Club (also known as Metropole Club) was at  26 Washington Ave. South.



CW (or WC)
¶ white.
¶ we don't know which club these were used at, but they were shipped to the same Emil Nelson noted above in US-27.



Biltmore Club, St. Louis, Missouri

¶ blue.  Note: there is a "10" on the reverse side. Click here to see it.
¶ In 1929 the chip was sent to Atlas Stores Co., St Louis, MO, for the Biltmore Club, which opened in 1929, closed now.  



Union League Club, San Francisco, California SOLD

¶ white (serrated edge)
¶ Shipped 1923 to Union League Club, San Francisco, Calif.




¶ pink
¶ In 1921, shipped to B. H. Dyas Corp., Los Angeles, Calif., the major department store, which undoubtedly ordered the chips from USPC for one of Dyas' customers.


Chicago Club,
Chicago IL

¶ white.
¶ about 1912 (see link below).
¶ this is one of the most influential and exclusive clubs in the United States.  Read this interesting account of the chips and the club, taken from one of my eBay auctions.


Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico,
roulette chip
¶ yellow roulette chip for table #15.
¶ 1929, shipped to Agua Caliente Co, Tijuana, Mexico.  Click here to see the USPC shipping/sample/order page for the roulette chips. .. ... ....  Lots of info, pictures, vidio clips, etc., about Agua Caliente at my web page for Agua Caliente.
¶ large, famous hotel-casino-race track resort, frequented by the elite of Hollywood.  Opened 1928; closed 1935, when gambling was outlawed in Mexico.  Prospered largely because drinking and gambling was outlawed in the US during Prohibition, and Tijuana was just a stone's throw from the US-Mexico border, so very close to San Diego by car and Los Angeles by air. The Agua Caliente resort remarkably had the world's richest golf tournament prizes and the richest racehorse purses in the world.  It was the most lavish resort in the Western US, and rivaled the best in the world (gardens, health spa, Olympic swimming pool, hot springs, etc).  The resort also had its own private radio station and airport facility [and railroad link].  It's guests were among the most famous and rich celebrities in the world. No exaggeration!


Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico,
roulette chip

¶  blue ($45). (The green one was sold.)
¶ excellent condition.
¶ shipped to the Baja California Co., Tijuana, Mexico, May 22, 1928, the same date and place as the original casino chips to Agua Caliente



BL -- Personal chip of one of the owners of the famous Agua Caliente Hotel Casino, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico -- Baron Long
¶ yellow
¶ shipped to the Baja California Co., Tijuana, Mexico, May 22, 1928, the very same date, and the adjoining invoice number, as USD-76. below. .. ... .... . Lots of info, pictures, vidio clips, etc., about Agua Caliente at my web page for Agua Caliente.
¶ This BL chip, and the CJ chip below, are two of my most awesome discoveries! The BL chip was the private chip of one of the famous three "Border Barons" who built, owned and ran the Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Hotel-Casino (see USD-74 above and USD-76 below) -- Baron Long. (That was his birth name! Probably why the three owners were called "The Border Barons."  The term was applied just to the three owners of the Agua Caliente.  The third one was Wirt G. Bowman; no personal chips found for him.)
The US Playing Card Co. records show that both chips (click here for the BL chip record and here for the JC chip record )  were shipped on May 22, 1928 to the Baja California Co., Tijuana, Mexico, which was owned by the "Border Barons." (The "Border Barons" were the three men who built, owned and ran Agua Caliente in Tijuana and lesser gambling establishments along the California-Mexico border in the 1920's-30's. Two of them were James Crofton ("JC" chip) and Baron Long ("BL" chip)).  Prof. Paul Vanderwood, the author of "Satan's Playground: Mobsters and Movie Stars at America's Greatest Gaming Resort [Agua Caliente]," has written me and confirmed that the JC- and BL-initial chips were personal chips of the two Border Barons. He says, "On the chips, 'JC' is most definitely the baron, James Crofton, who was in charge of the casino operation at the spa. 'BL' was Baron Long, also one of the entrepreneurs. .. .... Both men were vain promoters beyond belief. And they did hold big stake poker games for friends and others in their homes. Or, as I said, they organized and clandestinely staged illegal games on the U.S. side ... ." (The book is available at


JC -- Personal chip of James Crofton, one of the three "Border Barons," owners of Agua Caliente
¶ yellow, and lavender.  Only one of each left.
¶ shipped to the Baja California Co, Tijuana, Mexico, May 22, 1928, the very same date, and the adjoining invoice number, as the chip at USD-75 above. .. .. ... . Lots of info, pictures, vidio clips, etc., about Agua Caliente at my web page for Agua Caliente.
¶ This was the the private chip of one of the famous three "Border Barons" who built, owned and ran the Agua Caliente, Tijuana, Hotel-Casino (see USD-74 and 75 above) -- James Crofton.  See what is written above for the BL chip (USD-75).  Also be sure to click the link above in USD-75 for the USPC records for this JC chip.  (I'll give the link here as well: JC chip record at USPC. )
¶ Note: I found only about a dozen of each chip --BL's and JC's -- in July 2010.


CK -- 1937
¶ maroon  (square-edged), and blue (serrated edge).  Both very fine condition.
¶ USPC record book shows just the date for this chip -- 1937

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