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Click here to see my web page of ANTIQUE poker chip playing sets for sale

(If you are thinking of ordering a set, contact me first -- I would then hold it for you, describe it in more details [condition, etc.], and perhaps arrange to send you some sample chips before sending the whole set.  Unlike orders of individual chips, I charge exact postage-insurance on  orders of large sets.  Remember, that all orders are "satisfaction guaranteed" and returnable.)

RACKS FOR SALE: I have chip racks for sale; click here.   If you buy a set of chips here, I could sell you a basic wooden  capacity carousel for $10,mahogany a 300-chip capacity  for mahoganyy $20-$25. ... ... .....I could also sell you a 100-chip capacity plastic, transparent chip box (very box-like and stackable) for $3.00 each. I strongly recommend these boxes -- they are economical. sturdy and  flexible.  They hold the most chips in the smallest odd spaces than any other chip holding device.  This is obvious, but I'll say it anyway:  the transparency of the boxes is a great feature: you can quickly see what chips are inside, and you can hang a nice label inside at the end of the bottom piece and see it from the outside through the top piece.  To see pictures of these, click here, here, and here.


picture (120 pixel)  colors/

cost is

100 red
100 blue
100 green
300 total
¶ mint condition -- still in its origianl shrink-wrap plastic. 12 gram chips.
¶ ABS Composite Poker Chips (plastic polymer) with metal insert for weight.  
¶ picture is distorted some because scanned with chips in original shrink-wrap.
Click here for large picture of all three chip colors.


Home Page: ordering info.,policies (satisfaction guaranteed, etc.), e-mail, etc.
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