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MD-1 SPEED DICE (also known as "Dice with Comet's Tail", and "Dice Swirls") (DISWRL)  --  six different dice, each with comet's tail; opposite dice total 7.  This mold has been used by just a few casinos.  "The Chip Rack" (10th edition) lists only three Nevada casinos which used this mold..........Mold owned by Midwest Game Supply Co. (Bill Borland's  Blue Book gives the mold's owner as Portland Card Co., Portland OR [now out of business].)  I just (Feb 2018) corresponded with the "account executive" at Midwest, and he told me "at this time we are not making these [speed dice] chips."


ARROW DIE (a/k/a Arrows and Dice) (ARODIE) --  12 arrowheads and 12 dice (the 6 dice sides are repeated twice; the opposite dice total  7).  c.1953-c.1968: Tom Haines and Co., Las Vegas NV.  Some or all of them were marketed under the name Precision, Inc., 214 W. Wyoming, Las Vegas NEV, Haines' company. The arrow die mold is highly prized and relatively rare.  It has been used mostly in Nevada. ... .... David Spragg offered this info: "Chips are known from 1947 (or even 1946 onwards).  No one knows who the original owner was, the mold possibly resided at USPC before being bought by Burt in 1946.  1951-1953 it was owned by H N Garrison of Reno Game Supply (at that time Tommy Haines was an employee).  From 1953 it was owned by Haines (initially as Precision Inc).  All chips were made by Burt Co. After the mold wore out and was returned to Haines it was presumably destroyed."  ..... An interesting thing about the arrowdie mold is that there is one hashmark on each  side of an arrowdie chip.  Each side has 12 dice (2 sets of 1 thru 6).  So there are two one-spots (aces) on each side.  On each side there is only one hashmark (looks like a slanted file mark) above (only) one of the one-spot dies.  Same thing on the other side.  It is hard to see on worn chips.  Easy to see here. Just click this link.  ...........The yellow chip pictured on the far left is a generic Arrow Die chip -- "$5" is on both sides.   For sale I have the same thing, except used, in white and "5" on both sides.
MD-3 EWING --  12 pips and 6 different dice; the opposite dice total 7.  1971-?.  Ewing Manufacturing Co,. Las Vegas (now defunct)............The chip is from a now-closed Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic casino. (I also have for sale the same $5 inlaid chip with this difference: red clay color and 3 beige inserts -- also $4.00). ... ... UPDATE: currently owned and reserved by Classic Poker Chips company for casino customers only.  It is licensed for use in Nevada, but is not in production now.
MD-4 DICE AND DIAMONDS -- four diamonds and four pair ("2" and "5") of dice.  Distributor, etc., unknown to me.  Rare mold, not used in U.S.  The chip pictured is of the Continental Casino in Korea ("Continental....K.J. Korea").  None


MD-5 NEVADA-NEVADA -- "NEVADA" twice, one pair ("2" and "5") of dice, and four aces.  This mold was used by the The Bud Jones Co., Las Vegas NV, 1965-1980's to make legitimate casino chips; it was used in about 36 different clubs in (only) Nevada.  Click here to see salesman's samples of 100 blank Nevada-Nevada chips in varying colors and edge spot combinations. ... ... ....  About 1991 the mold was eventually sold to Bill Borland , who, it is believed, used the mold and certain hot-stamp dies and inlays to make counterfeit and fantasy chips, as well as a few legitimate casino chips, especially non-value chips.  Beware.  ...... .... .... . It is not being used, at this time, by any casinos or clubs.  Nevada Jacks Co., the current owner of the mold,  recently purchased it, in 2001, from Atlantic Standard Molding (which had gotten the mold from the Borland/Jerry Wall estates), and it currently resides at Blue Chip Co., Las Vegas, which makes the chips for Nevada Jacks. It is exclusively used to make the Nevada Jack clay poker chip (for home poker sets).  Nevada Jacks Co. sells chips and other gambling supplies.  Click here to view the Nevada Jacks web site.   A more detailed history of the mold is found at this fine web page by David Spragg. ... .... .....This chip for sale here has a faint hot-stamped horse's head on it....... .... Also available for sale at the same $3 price is an unused red chip with a hot-stamped gold horseshoe.  $3.00
MD-6 DICE AND CARDS (DIECAR) -- pair ("2" and "5") of dice four times, and hand (4 aces) of cards four times.  (I have seen this arrangement, also incused, on metal center plastic molds, but with 3 pair of dice and 3 hands of cards.)  Used by Bud Jones Co. (1970's -1980's). Same Bud Jones- Bill Borland story as presented above with MD-5.......The chip for sale here is coded FN HAR-1 in the "1998 Black's Catalog of Atlantic City Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens."  FN means "Fun Night," which is when they were used --  for a day or two in 1980 by the public for "practice" so the New Jersey officials could observe the casino staff in operation and approve the official opening of the casino.  The chips offered here are beige and in mint condition. ... .....  As of October 2015, the mold is still being produced in Maine at Classic Poker Chips company, a company that took over from Atlantic Standard Molding in 2013-2014.    All their molds can be seen here.  The mold is licensed for use in Nevada as of 2014 onwards. $5.00
MD-7 DICE AND SUITS (DIESUITS) --pair ("2" and "5") of dice three times, and cluster of the 4 pips three times.  Bud Jones Co., Las Vegas, which has been making coin inlay chips from 1971 to present, although the design in the pictured chip is probably discontinued...........The chip is from the now-defunct Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, casino. The one for sale is just like the pictured chip to the left except that there is no "$" sign with the "1". $4.00
MD-7a DICE AND FOUR SUITS (DIE4SUITS)  --  pair of dice and 4 pips.  Same story as in MD-7, above.  Here, instead of clusters of small pips, we have individual pips (suit symbols). $4.00
MD-8 MR. LUCKY -- "Mr. Lucky" three times, and a pair of dice three times.  Not a registered casino mold.  Rather recent vintage.  A number of times in the 1980's I met Irving Cohen, who sold and rented these chips and gaming equipment from his home in Laurelton NY, a section of NYC in Long Island.  (Irving , who was in his 60's then, said he ran junkets, claimed to have won a California gambling ship in a Las Vegas craps game, that the 1943 Cary Grant movie, "Mr. Lucky," was named after him, and that he started and ran the Las Vegas' Monte Carlo/Sans Souci/Castaways till he sold out to Howard Hughes.)  Last I heard, he relocaterd to Florida.  Bill Borland's World-Wide Casino Exchange, Las Vegas NV,  was selling these 7 gram "durable plastic" (nice clay feel, anyway) chips in 1990, at least. ..........The chips I have for sale have the denomination on the back -- white,$1; red, $5; orange, $2; green, $25. $3.00

Recent mold.  2 pair of dice and 8 suits. Manufacturer is unknown. Reported to ChipBoard by Roy Klein, October 2009, who said, "It's a pretty light weight chip with a bit of plastic in the clay composition. There are no ejector pin marks or anything like that."


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