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MD-39 CHAIN LINKS: 16 RAISED AND OVAL -- Hunt & Co., Chicago IL.  None of the four chain link molds shown on this page were used for licensed Nevada casinos.  They were used for illegal clubs and private games........Howdy Herz, who bought the chip records of the company, says this mold was used in the 1930-60 period and was manufactured in-house by Hunt & Co., as were the other chips on this page. I found it pictured in just one of many Hunt catalogs I own -- dated 1954.............Incidentally, the Hunt Co. also used their chain link rim design on checkers and backgammon pieces.  The ones  pictured in this link are 1/4" thick and have 12 and 14 links........If you wish to identify chips that have any of the chain link molds, I encourage you to buy "Howdy's Guide to Hunt & Co." by Howard W. Herz.  It has almost 1000 Hunt mold chips pictured in alphabetical order, and is worth the $53.00 price.  Either email him at chipmaster@chipmaster.com or write him at PO Box 1000, Minden NV  89423...........I very rarely come across chips of this mold.  Recently I purchased a box of these (unidentified) "A.L.E." chips.  The chip is identified in "Howdy's Guide to Hunt and Co." (compiled from the chip samples and  records of Hunt & Co.) as being shipped to the Vista Sandwich Shop, Vista CA, in 1935.  $3.00
MD-40 CHAIN LINKS: 20 FLAT (INCUSED) AND OVAL -- Hunt & Co., Chicago IL.  This appears to be the most common Chain Link chip.  I have found it in catalogs from the 1930's to the 1950's, and Howdy Herz dates them 1930-60. ...........  The chip being sold here has been identified in "Howdy's Guide to Hunt & Co." (compiled from the chip samples and records of Hunt & Co.) as having been sold/shipped to Garfield Cafe, 1126 Garfield St., Middletown OH, in 1944.  $4.00



MD-41 CHAIN LINKS: 24 FLAT AND SQUARED  -- Hunt & Co., Chicago IL ?  This is Bill Borland's mold design #52.  It is one of the three Borland molds, in his  Blue Book, that I was missing, till November 2002 when Keith Reeves came up with and sold me some..... .... .... So I now have these blank ones for sale in white and yellow. $8.00

MD-42 CHAIN LINKS: 16 RAISED AND SQUARED -- Hunt & Co., Chicago IL.  I found this mold listed in a 1954 Hunt catalog.  The mold is rarely seen.  I happen to have a Hunt shipping order envelope with a sample chip inside, dated 1950.  (Apparently, they used these envelopes for their records rather than the usual index cards used by other  gambling supply distributors.)  Howdy Herz dates the use of this mold, 1940-60. (This mold design is not listed in Borland's Blue Book.; the other three, above, are.) None


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