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IN MEMORIAM: Robert Eisenstadt 1942 - 2020

On June 5, 2020, Robert Eisenstadt died peacefully at home, in the loving presence of his sister Nancy and his sister's family. He will be dearly missed by all of us who loved and appreciated him. If you would like to leave a story about Robert, write a message, or read what others have written, please click here.

He took pride in his collection and loved sharing it with fellow enthusiasts; please have a look and enjoy.

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In the 1930's to 60's it was the leading nightclub in Atlantic City.  it was frequented by the most influential people and featured top headliners.  Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis first teamed up there.  Frank Sinatra appeared over a six year period five times.  Gambling occurred there (see p. 4, The Gaming Table).  These are the only chips that are known to have been used there.  I am sold-out of the orange one.   Click here to see a short history of the Club and evidence from the manufacturer's records (1934, 1937).  These chips are for sale.  Look under "New Jersey," below.

More illegal club sales listings on this page, click here -- Chicago, Montana, etc.

NOTES FOR THIS LIST, ETC.: ND, no denomination;  HS,
hotstamped;   /, separates the two sides of the chip if the imprint is different
on each side;  ($xx), value I put on chip;................... Condition of chip: (1) if
nothing to contrary,  chip is used but presentable, average, OK;  (2) if mint, near-
mint, etc., I will say Excel.; and  (3) if poor, unsightly, very worn,  or there is a
major problem like chip is warped, holed, etc., I will spell it out.................Of
 course, both parties must be happy; anything may be returned and trade
canceled...............Delivery is responsibility of the sender; I urge everything be
sent insured.

 (INSERTS), MOLD (note: sometimes in this list the mold comes after the hot-
stamp/inlay notation),  HOT-STAMP (HS) OR INLAY, CONDITION (MAYBE),

**CITY CLUB (Phoenix) -- N.D., hub mold, HS: "City Club" inside logo; excellent -- orange,
        red, and blue -- ($10 each; or $25 for set of 3)

ARKANSAS -- ***others with pictures at the bottom of this page .
**SOUTHERN CLUB (Hot Springs ) -- $1.00, white (3 black inserts), diamonds,
        HS Southern Club/$1.00,  poor (very worn),  ($5)
**SOUTHERN CLUB (Hot Springs ) -- 1.00, white (3 black inserts), diamonds,
        HS Southern Club/1.00,  poor (very worn), NOTE: no $ sign on this version,  ($5)
**SOUTHERN CLUB (Hot Springs ) -- $5.00, orange (3 yellow inserts),
        horseshoes, HS: Southern Club/$5.00, poor (very worn),  ($7)
**SOUTHERN CLUB (Hot Springs) --ND, blue, harp mold, HS: "Southern Club Association sCa" both sides Picture link.  ($39)
**SOUTHERN CLUB (Hot Springs) -- 5, blue, harp mold, HS: "Southern Club Association 5" on one side/on reverse side: 
           "Southern Club Association  sCa" Picture of both sides: here and here.  ($29)
**BELVEDERE CLUB (Hot Springs) -- 5, blue, harp mold, HS: "Belvedere Club Association 5" on one side/on reverse: 
            "Belvedere Club Association bCa" Pictures of both sides: here and here.  ($25)
**BELVEDERE CLUB (Hot Springs) --  1, orange (yellow gold), harp mold, HS: "Belvedere Club Association 1"/
             reverse side: "Belvedere Club Association bCa"  Pictures of both sides: here and here.   ($49)
**WHITE FRONT (CIGAR STORE) (Hot Springs) -- $25.00, black,Ts mold,
        HS: White Front $25, excel., ($20) SOLD
**BELVEDERE CLUB ASSOC (Hot Springs)  -- 5, blue (3 white inserts), Ts
        mold, HS: 5 in circle, Belvedere Club Association, ($15) sold
**THE VAPORS (Hot Springs) -- $1.00, white (3 yellow inserts), diamonds, HS:
        the Vapors $1.00,  HS imprint is faint, ($15) SOLD
**THE VAPORS (Hot Springs) -- $5.00, green (3 black inserts), diamonds, HS:
        the Vapors $5.00,  HS imprint is faint,  ($15) SOLD
**MORGAN BANK (Eureka Springs) -- ND, yellow (w/ 3 red
         inserts), hub, HS: picture of crown, light hot-stamp, but legible ($10)  (note: the
         manufacturers records show chips shipped to Dallas, Texas, but are attributed
        to Morgan Bank......)
**MORGAN BANK (Eureka Springs) -- ND, red(w/ 3 white
        inserts) and yellow (w/3 red inserts) , hub, HS: picture of crown, light hot-stamp, not too legible ($10)  (note:
        the manufacturers records show chips shipped to a Jerry Rosenberg in
        Dallas, Texas, but are attributed to Morgan Bank Club.  Rosenberg was
        the Vapor's Club rep. in Dallas and worked at that club during the busy racing
        season. ... .... ..... I have seen this chip attributed to the illegal Variety Club, Dallas,
        Texas, too.)

**OCEANIC CLUB (Santa Monica)  (I am told this was an illegal club) -- ND,
         black, recessed dashes, HS Oceanic Club,   faint HS image, ($20)
**NORTH WEST SOCIAL CLUB (NWSC)  (illegal club?) -- 50, white, inlay:
         Chineese characters (translation: Good for the community/charity), 50 NWSC, SOLD
 crest and seal, ($25)
**CLOVER CLUB (Hollywood) -- 10, black, smkey, HS: 10 and picture of
        clover, ($20) SOLD
**RED BALLOON (San Francisco Pier) -- 50 points, black, square-square-diamond mold, HS:
        "The Red Balloon, S.F., 50 points"; reverse side: "Redeemable, merchandise concessions, no liquor."
         (According to "The Gaming Table" the chips were used in the 1970s.) Chip picture: click here and here. ($4)


**PARADISE THEATER (Aspen) -- ND, black, HHR,
        HS: Paradise Theater Aspen, excel., ($10)  (note: bought from Colorado dealer
        in Aspen area;  supposed to be from an illegal club with the name  "Theater."
        Time and place not determined as of yet.)

**TURF CLUB (Hialeah Race Track, Hialeah)  (club owned by the famous
         gambler/casino owner/sportsman Col. Edward Riley Bradley) -- ND, have in
         brown and yellow, dot mold, HS: Turf Club,  ($10 each)
**TURF CLUB (Hialeah Race Track, Hialeah)  (owned by the famous
         gambler/casino owner/sportsman Col. Edward Riley Bradley) -- ND, have in
          brown, rectangle mold,  HS: Turf Club, ($10)
**ROMAN POOLS (Miami Beach) -- 25 (no dollar sign),
        green, hub, round inlay (yellow background): picture of windmill~25, ($15)
**ROMAN POOLS (Miami Beach) -- 5 (no dollar sign), brown, hub mold, round inlay
         (white background): picture of windmill--5, ($25)

**J. C. CLARKS (Boise) -- $1.00, pink, hub, HS: JC/$1.00, excel.
         ($25.00) (note: base this on The Gaming Table, 1998 ed., p. 133) SOLD

**MORROW BUDDE (Peoria) -- 50 cents, blue, heart-rectangle, HS: Morrow
        Budde/50 c,    ($20) SOLD
**COLONY CLUB (East Cape Girardeau) -- $1.00, blue, cord mold,  HS :
        Colony  Club with small circle in center/fancy $1.00,  faint HS, ($20)
**SEVEN GABLES (SG) (Joliet) -- ND, beige (off white/light gray), cord, HS:
        SG,   faint HS, ($15)
**SEVEN GABLES (SG) (Joliet) -- ND, beige (off white/light gray), cord, HS:
          SG,   faint HS, ($15)
**CLYDE DOWNS (Kankakee) -- ND, brown, hub, HS: picture of
        shield w 4 parallel lines), excel, ($25) SOLD
**CLUB PREVUE (CP)  (East Cape Giradeau) -- $1.00,
         orange, T mold, HS: CP / $1.00, ($15.00)
**SOUTHLAND CLUB -- see the entry under "Louisiana."
**CLUB BELVEDERE  (Springfield, Ill, 1940's.  Miles Davis got his professional start there)
         -- ND, green, T-mold, HS: Club Belvedere, used but OK ($20)

**BLACK DIAMOND (BD)  (Jeffersonville) -- $1.00, blue, HS: BD/$1.00, harp,
         large nick on edge of one side; nick is visible from just one side, ($20) (SOLD, 12/02)
**II7 COURT (Jeffersonville) -- ND, red, HS: 117 Court, heart-diamond, ($15)  SOLD
**GREYHOUND CLUB (Jeffersonville) -- $5.00, red, diamond. HS: G/$5.00 (used 1931-34) ($10)  
**121-1/2 Club (Jeffersonville) -- ND, yellow, hub, HS: 121 1/2 on both sides, ($20).
**121-1/2 Club (Jeffersonville) -- ND, red, hub, HS: 121 1/2 on both sides, ($20).

KENTUCKY (Part I; part 2 is below)
**MERCHANTS CLUB (Newport) -- ND, green, hub, HS: M-C, show use, ($14) SOLD
**MERCHANTS CLUB  (Newport) -- 50 cents, yellow, HS: Merchants Club 50c�,  smkey,  ($15)
**MERCHANTS CLUB  (Newport) -- 50 cents, yellow, HS: Merchants Club 50c,  flowers,  ($15)
**MERCHANTS CLUB  (Newport) -- $1.00, red, HS: Merchants Club $1.00,  smkey,  ($15)
**MERCHANTS CLUB (Newport) -- $1.00, red, flowers, HS: Merchants Club $1.00, ($12)
**MERCHANTS CLUB  (Newport) -- $5.00, pink/rose, HS: Merchants Club $5,  smkey, worn,  ($15)
**GLENN SCHMIDT (NO. KENTUCKY) -- 50 cents, yellow, smkey, HS: GCS,
         50 c, ($20) SOLD
 **YORKSHIRE (Newport) -- ND, gray, hourglass, HS:
         YC,worn ($8)
**YORKSHIRE CLUB (Newport) -- ND, gray, flower mold, HS: "YORKSHIRE CLUB,"
         used, worn but OK ($25)
**YORKSHIRE CLUB (Newport) -- ND, tan, flower mold, HS: "YORKSHIRE CLUB,"
           used, worn but OK ($25) SOLD
**KENTUCKY CLUB (Covington) -- ND, red, die-cut metal inlay: Kentucky
         club, Covington, (picture of horse head); smkey, ($50)  SOLD

KENTUCKY (Part II) -- All the chips listed below (in this Part II) are from the Flamingo Club (also known
        as  the 633 Club)  in Newport, Ky:
**50c, smkey, yellow, HS: 633 50c club, worn ($8)
**50c, smkey, green, HS:633 50c club, worn and edges has dark spots ($8)
** $1.00, smkey,  red, HS: 633 $1 club, worn ($10)
** $5.00, smkey, black, HS:633 $5 club, OK-used ($10)
** 50c, diamond-square, yellow, HS: 633 50c club, hot-stamp imprint worn ($5)
** $1.00, diamond-square, red, HS: 633 $1 club, very worn ($5)
**  $5.00, diamond-square, blue, HS: 633 $5 club, ($9)
** ND, hourglass, white/beige, HS: 633 club, ($10)
** ND, hourglass, blue (3 yellow inserts), HS: 633 club ($15)
** ND, hourglass, red, HS: 633 club ($15)

**CLUB FOREST (New Orleans) -- $1.00, green, large squares, HS: Club Forest
        $1.00, excel. ($20.00)  SOLD
**SOUTHLAND (on levee, Jefferson Parish, near New Orleans) --no denomination, black, raised circle
        (monarch) mold, hot-stamped: "southland" and picture of horseshoe and bowie knife,faint shallow
        hot-stamping.  owner, A. G. Rickerfor.  Opened 1932, closed c. 1945  ($23)  (note: per p. 234
        of 1998 TGT) .  The chip is pictured in the records of Hunt and Co., Chicago ILL., the national gambling
        supply company which distributed the chip in 1934. (per "Howdy's Guide to Hunt & Co.")
        ... ... .... Note: recently some collectors have attributed this chip to the Club Southland,
         6245 Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago ILL, which was active in the 1930's.  

**BAL -BALTIMORE CASINO (Baltimore)  (It is speculative that this chip is
        from that place; see The Gaming Table) -- ND, have in blue and red, HS: BAL,
        smkey  ($10 each)  (Michael Par calls them, with much conviction and
        confirmation, Balinese Room, Galveston TX, chips, but no other collectors agree.)

**JACK J. EASTMANS, (Nantasket) -- ND, have in two colors:
        green and brown, hub, HS: JJE. excel. ($20.00) (note: based on the TGT, 1998
        edition, p. 134)

**DELTA CLUB (Greenville area) -- ND, red, HS: Delta Club, hearts-rectangles
mold, worn and warped some, ($7)  sold out
**RISING SUN (Greenwood at Rtes 82 and 49) --  ND, red, HS: Rising Sun in
script, harp,  ($10)
**UNCLE BUDS CABIN (Osyka) -- ND, red, HS: Uncle Buds Cabin,  hub,
very worn, ($15) sold out

 **EMPIRE CLUB (East St. Louis) -- ND; I have these chips
        in 4 colors: rust, green and white; plain/flat mold; Crest and Seal inlay:
        intertwined fancy EC monogram; ($15.00 each) (note: these chips appear in
        the records of the U S Playing Card Co, who made the chips.  They were
        sent to two gambling supply houses in 1928 and 1929: B C Wills, Detroit; and
        Aladdin Supply, Chicago.)

**SCRUBBYS (Bozeman) -- ND, have chips in gray and orange, TK mold, HS:
        Scrubbys --, hot-stamp imprint worn,  ($15 each)

 **PHIL VITSKY (HYC) (Littleton NH) -- ND, green, hub, HS:
        HYC. ($10)  (note: confirmed by TGT and Allan Myers)

**500 CLUB (Atlantic City) -- ND, have chips in white and brown (see picture and
        story of Club at top of page; I am sold-out of the orange one), hub, HS: C, 500; whites, $50; and brown $150 -- both for $175.  The whites are OK, just that the hot-stamped inlay is a little
         "smeared." Click here to see what the "smeared" white one look like.  I always send the best
          condition ones I have first.
         Click here for more about the history of the '500 Club.'

**KANADASAGA CLUB (Rochester area; it is an Iroquois Indian word for new
          settlement;  was once the name for Geneva, NY) --  ND, yellow, HS
          Kanadasaga Club and small do-dad of a -o- in center, smkey  ($15).
        yellow, hub, HS: WMS (the letter M is largest letter), mint ($25) (notes: on page
        266 of 1998 TGT; 1940s to 1950; the manager was William S. (Scotchy)
        Morrison)  SOLD
**MEADOWBROOK (Saratoga) -- roulette chips,have in brown and green, inlay
         of logo (intertwined M and W),  monarch mold, excel.  ($20 each). sold
**MEADOWBROOK (Saratoga) -- roulette chips, have in red, green, off-white
        -- inlay of logo (intertwined M and W), flat (crest and seal-like) mold,
         ($10 each).
**P. J. SULLIVANS (PJS) (Saratoga) -- ND, yellow, inlay - PJS, crest and seal .  
       Used at Riley's Lake House where Sullivan was manager. ($40.00)
**P. J. SULLIVANS (PJS) (Saratoga) -- $1, yellow, rectangles (19) mold, H.S.: "PJS $1 Table
            two,".. .... very fine condition.  ($30) SOLD
**BROOK CLUB (Saratoga )  (once owned by famous gambler Arnold
        Rothstein, long before this chip was issued) -- ND, have in green, and white
         inlay: B and C intertwined, flat (crest and seal-like) mold,  picture, ($50.00).  Sold.
 **BROOK CLUB (Saratoga ) -- ND, have in two colors --  SOLD
         yellow and maroon-purple, HS: Brook Club, hearts-rectangles mold, excel. picture,
         ($50.00)  (note: it is possible that this chip was used at the Meadowbrook Club,
          Saratoga NY, which was called the Brook Club in its later years) (These chips are
            from the Saratoga area, but some insist "it actually came from the Brook Club of the
          Surfside section of Miami of Florida (1939 - c. 1950), a Club in existence much. much
          later than the Saratoga  Brook (early 20th century to 1934, when it burned), and it too,
          went out of existence as a direct result of the Kefauver Investigation.  No way of knowing
          and the chips could have been used in both places, or manufactured again for the
           Florida place)-- SOLD
**BROOK CLUB (Saratoga ) -- ND, yellow, inlay (plain white B; these chips
         came with other Brook Club chips; others sell these as Brook Club chips), circle
         of 20 incused (recessed) rectangles mold, excel. picture, ($20) -- SOLD
 **BROOK CLUB (BC) (Saratoga) -- ND, green, dot mold,
        HS: block-style letters B and C intertwined, ($20) SOLD
**PIPING ROCK (Saratoga) (Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello  were part
         owners)-- $25, green, HS: Piping Rock/$25.00, web,
         faint hot-stamping, all like that ($200) SOLD
**PIPING ROCK CLUB (PRC) (Saratoga) -- $25.00, green,
         hub, HS: PRC/$25.00, ($40)  (note: these chips match the Herz-Mason index
         cards, and Allan Myers says they will be listed as Piping Rock in the next TGT.
          Other evidence that they are Piping Rock: the dealer I got them from is from
        the Saratoga area. He says they came to him in a box of chips (including Brook
        Club and other Saratoga chips) belonging to the estate of an ex-police officer. He
        says the chips were identified by former workers of the club.  And the high
        denomination ($25.00) indicates a club (not private) game.) SOLD
**PIPING ROCK CLUB (PRC) (Saratoga) --  $5.00, brown,
        hub, HS: PRC/$5.00 ($40) (see note for the $25.00 chip) SOLD
        hub, HS: PRC, ($30) (see note for $25.00 chip) SOLD
**OUTHWAITES (Saratoga)  (owned by G. B. Outhwaite) -- No denomination, blue-green, HS
         fancy G-O-B monogram, "web" rim mold.  Outhwaite opened an exclusive private membership-only
         ($100 initiation fee) gambling club at a rented mansion on Union Avenue, across from the famous
          Saratoga Race Track, the oldest track (started 1864) in the country. Outhwaite's was open for
          gambling and drinks throughout the day, but was primarily busy after the lakefront resorts had
          their "last call" for drinks. To view the chip and an ad for the club, click here and here .  $27
**GEK - NEWMANS LAKE HOUSE(Saratoga)  (Gerald E. King was the owner
        of Newmans Lake House) -- ND, white, HS: GEK, rectangles, ($20) SOLD
**RLH -- RILEY'S LAKE HOUSE (Saratoga) HS: RLH, rectangles,      SOLD     
**ARROWHEAD INN (Saratoga)  (Meyer Lansky and Joe Adonis had a piece of
         it; in 1953 Lansky pleaded guilty to conspiracy to illegal gambling at the
        Arrowhead and received a three month jail sentence) --  ND, have in green
         HS (INN inside arrowhead design), diamonds, ($25 each)
**GSSG (Brooklyn, NYC) -- have it in $5.00 red, and $25.00 green,
        HS:GSSG/denomination,  Hat and Cane, chips in good shape except warped some,
          ($50 each)............ (I used to play there often.  It was run quite openly to the
        public by associates of the Gambino crime family.  There were craps, BJ and
        poker games. The place was raided March 9, 1978, by the police (I was not there
        for that raid), and a friend of mine ended up stuck with hundreds of dollars in
        unredeemable chips., which is how I acquired these.  Club is listed in The Gaming
         Table.  I dont know what GSSG stood for.)
**TEMPLE J.H.J.C. (NYC, 74th St. and Madison Ave.) -- 1, red (3 green
        inserts), HS: Temple 1 JHJC,  dice-cards, excel., ($10)
**TEMPLE J.H.J.C. (NYC, 74th St. and Madison Ave.) -- 5, black (3 pink
        inserts), HS: Temple 5 JHJC,  dice-cards, excel., ($10)
**PIGEON CLUB (I made up that name) (Brooklyn) --  sold/traded
        in sets of four -- all: ND, diamond-rectangle-rectangle mold, HS with image of a
        pigeon, used, good condition except pigeon hot-stamp is incredibly
        worn!.............the four chips are: white (3 blue inserts), yellow (3 red inserts),
        blue (3 red inserts) and black (3 yellow inserts).......($15 for set of
        4)...............(According to the local gambling supply distributor who made the
        chips, they were made in the 1960s for a Brooklyn club that was raided the first
        night, later reopened and used elsewhere.  It is probably true that these are illegal
        club chips because of the (1) large number of chips I acquired -- over 600, and
        (2) the expensive casino quality of the chips -- special hot-stamp, edge spots.)
**NEB CLUB (Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC) --  sold as set of 3
        chip: ND,  brown, red and green chips, HS: NEB,  web mold, mint ($15 for set
        of 3 chips).  These chips were issued by a local NYCgambling supply distributor
        who told me they were made for an illegal club in Chinatown, but they didnt
        recall the club name.  I bought about 900 of the chips at an antique show, an
        amount unlikely for a social Friday night house game, more likely for an illegal
        club game.

**ARROWHEAD CLUB/J.S. BAUER (Branch Hills; near Cincinnati) -- ND,
        have chips in red, light blue, dark brown, yellow, dark green and light green, crest and seal inlay:
        (fancy swirls, playing card back with JSB on it), flat C&S ($40 each) (notes: Bauer was a prominent
        person who fronted for the Cleveland syndicate at the Arrowhed.  U.S/ Playing Card Co.
         records show that the chips were made in 1926.)
**HOLLYWOOD CLUB (Toledo) -- $1.00. white (4 black inserts), HS:
         Hollywood Club $1.00. smkey, used a lot, ($10)
**HOLLYWOOD CLB (Toledo) -- $10.00. yellow (4 red inserts), HS:
         Hollywood Club $10.00�. smkey, used a lot, ($10)
**DIXIE INN (Toledo) -- $5.00. brown, HS: Dixie Inn $5, smkey, ($20) SOLD

OREGON -- all of these chips from Oregon are from the OConnor club in
        Portland.  It was a well-known mens club in the heart of downtown Portland.
        Started by Eddie OConnor in 1934, it closed in 1973, the last such mens-only
        club in Oregon.  The chips below which are marked good for trade only were
        probably made that way for table game chips that could be explained  as
        advertising trade tokens in case of a police raid:
**SMKEY MOLD, have in blue and white, HS: OConnor/Trade Only, condition:
        OK, minor nicks and small burns, ($5 each)
**HUB MOLD, have in green, red and yellow, HS: OConnor, condition: good
         except maybe very small burn, ($5 each)
         Trade Only,  possible small nicks/burns, ($10) (note: OConnor is spelled
        OConner here!)
**DIAMONDS MOLD, have in purple, yellow and pink, HS: K and N Club;
        OCONNOR; 415 Wash. St./good for trade only, condition: poor, faded, worn,
        dried out; the yellow ones are best, OK ($5 each)
**SMOOTHIES (NO MOLD; FLAT), have in red and blue. HS (or engraved ?):
        K and N Club; OCONNOR; 415 Wash. St./Good For Trade Only,  worn, poor,
        ($10 each)

TEXAS -- other than Galveston
        hub mold, HS: "Cedar Crest," ($15)
**VARIETY CLUB  (Dallas) -- see Morgan Bank, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, abvove. 
**SOUTHLAND HOTEL (Dallas) -- $1.00/horseshoe picture, gray, Harp mold,
         Click here for picture of chip and mfg. record for it.
          Ivy Miller was Binion's right-hand man and gunsel.  Room 226 at the Southland was Binion's start -- his
          permanent craps game and headquarters of his syndicate.   Only several are left.
          Hot-stamp imprint has "run" (smeared some over time) a little, but OK chip. ($43)


TEXAS -- all in Galveston, unless otherwise noted
**IMPERIAL CLUB  -- ND, have in red, blue and orange, HS: Imperial,  smkey,  ($15 each)
**CRYSTAL CLUB -- ND, red, HS: Crystal Club, Ls mold,  very worn, ($15) sold
**BALINESE ROOM  -- $5,00, red, HS: TAC $5.00 BR, square in circle, ,excel., ($20) SOLD
**BALINESE ROOM -- $5.00, orange, HS: TAC BR $5.00, diamonds, ($15) sold
**BALINESE ROOM  -- $1.00,  white, HS: TAC $1.00 BR, square in
        circle, ,used., ($15) SOLD
**BALINESE ROOM -- $25.00, purple, HS: TAC BR $25.00, diamonds, ($25) sold
**TURF - TURF ATHLETIC CLUB -- $5.00, orange, HS: TURF $5.00, smkey,
         HS worn ($20) SOLD
**TAC - TURF ATHLETIC CLUB -- $5.00, orange, HS: TAC $5.00, smkey, ($20) SOLD
**STUDIO LOUNGE -- $5.00, orange, HS: TAC SL $5.00, diamonds, ($15) sold
**STUDIO LOUNGE -- $1.00, white-tan, HS: TAC SL $1.00, diamonds, ($15) sold

 **JAYS PLAYMOR CLUB (JPC) (Cheyenne) -- $10.00, black, smkey, HS: JPC / $10.00, ($15.00)
 **WORTS HOTEL ($1) (Jackson Hole) -- $1.00, blue, KT
        mold, HS: $1.00 (on both sides; no words or logo) ($10.00)  (note: on good
        authority, these chips came from John Worts' (owner of hotel) daughter) ($4)