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(some of the things I collect; not for sale)

adv pict
I like to collect old commercial branded products with gambling-related advertising and names.  The items pictured above are described in the text below.

 Going clockwise from the upper left are:
¶ "Natural Setup" carbonated sparkling soda water -- a dice natural showing: 11 total (5 and 6).
¶ 3 whiskey bottles: "Two Naturals," "Royal Flush," and "Four Aces" brand.
¶ Tissery Paris Purity Soap.  Inside the box are two soap cubes carved like dice.
¶ Royal Flush Mild cigars -- no mfg. name.
¶ Confucius Say comic poker chip, "another novelty-fun product of Federal Premium Mfg. Co.,.... ......  Chicago ILL 60645."
¶ La Clyde Lucky deodorant cream, adorned with many good luck symbols -- wishbone, horseshoe, 4-leaf clover, 7-11 dice, and a cat face with whiskers (latter is new to me).  Shown in top photo too.
¶ "7-11" condoms -- "a safe bet --  Made from Liquid Latex."
¶ Four-Aces razor blades (British).
¶ Lucky Brown Pressing Oil.  Many good luck symbols.  To be applied with a hot comb.  I think it was aimed at black people for hair straightening(?).  Shown in top photo too.
¶ Dice Cigarettes (50 cigarettes; manufactured by the British-American Tobacco Co., Ltd.).

Clockwise from the upper left:
¶ Hi-Roller soda.  Bottom says W. F. Tyndall, Registered June 21-28.
¶ Ace Hand Soap.
¶ dice advertising premium/paperweight from Ace Impressions Co.
¶ Ace no. 80 tube patch kit ("Your Ace in the Hole," Ace Rubber Co., Dallas, Texas).
¶ under the "Ace" tube patch kit is a glass die for Bristol Diced Mints. (Can't see it in this picture, though, but it is shown in the top picture.)
¶ 4 Dice Beverages bottle.
¶ La Clyde Lucky Talcum Powder, made in Memphis Tenn.
¶ Trump Japan Drier.  Card suit symbols.  You mix it with paints to hasten drying.  (Can't see it too well in this picture, but is shown in top picture.)
¶ Double Fast Luck deodorant room spray.
¶ Pair-O-Dice hair dressing, Tampa Florida.
¶ Ronson cigarette lighter, made to look like a stack of poker chips!  Seen in top photo too.
¶ White Ace shoe polish (hard to see here, but shown in top picture).
¶ Dunhill Cologne for Men.
¶ Tailspin by Lucien Lelong perfume.  Plastic outer package is shaped like a poker chip stack.  (That stack is at the lower left in the picture above.  Both the perfume and the poker-chip-stack packaging is shown in the top picture.)
¶ Garnier creme de menthe bottle in shape of a King playing card (not shown, but the back of the bottle has the design of the playing card back; seen in top picture).
¶ Javar Double-Six novelty perfume set, Mohegan Lake NY.  See that small six-spot die at the far left?  It is a small, glass perfume bottle.  Also shown in the top picture.

Old embossed KENO Soda Bottle. Bottle has Keno balls with numbers embossed on them. I have refilled the bottle and capped it with an old vintage Pineapple Soda cap for better display. The bottle is 11-1/2" tall.  Embossed on the bottom: "Royal Products Inc., contents 24  fl. oz.,  New Orleans,  La."

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