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About a year ago I got a call from Playboy magazine to rent them a poker chip set to be used as a prop in a photo shoot, so I sent it off to Chicago.  It was used in the shoot and returned, but it looked like the pictures wouldn't be accepted for the magazine.  Just now (Nov. 2003), to my delight and surprise, I received a copy of the June 2003 French edition Playboy in the mail. The note accompanying it said that "Hef" rejected the pictures for the American edition, but they were finally used in the French edition (at least they do something right).  Nice to know we have a very useful hobby.

June 2003 French edition of "Playboy."

on poker table
Heather's lying on a poker table.

my Lyre chips
Those are my "Lyre" poker chips. I have over 1000 of them in a faro rack.

my rack
That's my rack in the lower right of the picture.

Due to popular requests from Heather Christensen fans, here are links to all the other pictures of her in the issue:
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cover of magazine

Links to other H.C. pictures:


On the subject of naked women, here are three interesting and rare actual 1999 casino chips from the major Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino, The Riviera. 

Casino executives at the Riviera decided to mint special chips to honor the planned appearances of adult film stars Nikki Tyler, Jenna Jameson and Heather Hunter. The three  were scheduled to star in the Riviera's X-rated "Crazy Girls Fantasy Revue" during the Comdex convention in 1999.  (COMDEX [Computer Dealer's Exhibition] was a computer expo held in Las Vegas each November from 1979 to 2003. It was one of the largest computer trade shows in the world.  COMDEX attendees were known for enjoying raunchy entertainmnet.) The Riviera got permission from the Nevada Gaming Control Board  (all casino chips in Nevada  must be approved) to issue these limited edition $5.00 chips -- 1500 chips of each girl.    Objections were soon forthcoming.  The Gaming Control Board ordered the Riviera to destroy the chips. A spokesman for the Board said, "At first we figured they were just part of their staff. We were not aware that they were porno girls. When we were told they weren't employees, we contacted the Riviera. There have been quite often pictures of showgirls and employees printed on chips. We thought this was something similar to that. We believe this is not the sort of thing that's good for gaming's image."  Under 200 of each chip is estimated to exist.  They are worth at least $100 each.


1945 Actresses Play Strip Poker for Charity -- WWII Photo -- This went for about $50 on eBay in  March 2009.  I came in second.  Miller and Foch were major stars, Anker so-so but was a hit in sci-fi films, and the other two were largely unknown.


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