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We welcome you to take part in Ante Up, the auction of the Robert Eisenstadt's incredible collection. The auction takes place on January 30, 2021 at 10:00AM CT. You can visit the auction website by clicking here.

You can also view the collection that is up for auction as a PDF.

If you have any questions about the auction, please contact Joseph Slabaugh (, 773-472-1442) at Potter & Potter Auctions.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert Eisenstadt 1942 - 2020

On June 5, 2020, Robert Eisenstadt died peacefully at home, in the loving presence of his sister Nancy and his sister's family. He will be dearly missed by all of us who loved and appreciated him. If you would like to leave a story about Robert, write a message, or read what others have written, please click here.

He took pride in his collection and loved sharing it with fellow enthusiasts; please have a look and enjoy.


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MD-86 PLAIN MOLD  --  the rim mold is plain/flat/not embossed. c. 1890-present.  As for casino and club chips, very few of the plain rim chips were hot-stamped; virtually all had round litho inlays like the one pictured here.  They could be called "crest and seal" chips.........The chip pictured at the left is for sale here as a plain mold chip. It was used at the Traversi Hotel, Sacramento CA, which opened 1916 and closed 1940.
MD-87 SMALL KEY (SM-KEY)  (a/k/a SMALL GREEK KEY)  --  greek key design, repeated 30 times.  B. C. Wills & Co., Detroit MI and Reno NV, which made these chips from 1937-1965.  (I have Wills advertising chips on this mold, which exclaimed "Wills Gem Checks.") ......As Don Lueders pointed out, a small percent of these small key chips are machined (chip has small grooves like on a phonograph record). Click here to see one example. ............. Click here to see a modern plastic version (manufacturer unknown) of the Small Key mold......... In 1990 I received catalogs and samples from these two small companies that offered small-key chips -- C-A Specialty Co., Phoenix AZ, and The Poker Store, Stanton CA.   .............The sample on the left is for sale.  One side says "O'Connor." The reverse side says "Trade Only."  It is from a well known men's club that had gambling, in the heart of downtown Portland OR.  It was started in 1934 and closed in 1973.  (The "Trade Only" inscription was to protect the place in case of a police raid; the chips could be called mere "commercial tokens.")
MD-88 LARGE KEY (LG-KEY) (a/k/a LARGE GREEK KEY) --greek key design, repeated 15 times.   B. C. Wills & Co., Detroit MI and Reno NV, which made these chips from 1962 or '64-1980's.  At least one other place offered it recently.  In 1990 The Poker Store, Stanton CA, sent me samples...........The chip pictured is a Harrah's 1963 roulette chips.
MD-89 ROMAN (a/k/a ROMAN BORDER, and WEAVE; "Roman" or "Roman border" --not "weave"-- is preferred by Atlantic Molding, the owner of the mold) --  24 weave designs.  1950's?-present.  I have seen the mold in a H. Baron Co., NYC, 1958 catalog.  There they described it as their "Non-Duplicate Monogrammed Crap Check."  Eventually Bill Borland (World-Wide Casino Exchange, Las Vegas NV) used the mold, but never for Nevada casinos.   It was used by Penn Specialty Co., The Poker Store, Stanton CA, and is used today by Atlantic Standard Molding, Portland ME., which has owned it since about 1990.
MD-90 ZIG ZAG --  26  repetitions of the zig zag design.  1944-1953.  Noll and Co., Pasadena CA.........The chip on the left is unattributed.  Soap was put into the recessed mold design for scanning purposes. 
MD-91 WEB MOLD --  20 "diamonds."  1875-present(!).  Ace Sportworks, NYC.  Most recently used exclusively by Marion and Co, erstwhile of NYC and now in North Miami FL.........The "NEB" chip is pictured on the left..  Soap was applied to the recessed embossed mold for scanning purposes.  I was told the chips were used in N. Wang's Club in the Chinatown section of NYC about 1975.
MD-92 CORD --  long rope with 18 ridges.  1940's?-1950's?  E. M. O'Neil & Co., Chicago IL...............The chiphere is unattributed.
MD-93 SCROLL --  10 "S's."  Jay Myer Co., London, England; and  A. B. P. Casino Supply (per Herz).  Used mostly out of the U.S.; new chips of this mold are used today (2001), in the Dominican Republic, for example..............The chip for sale here is coded FN HAR-5 in the "1998 Black's Catalog of Atlantic City Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens."  FN means "Fun Night," which is when these "no cash value" chips were used --  for a day or two in 1980 by the public for "practice" so the New Jersey officials could observe the casino staff in operation and approve the official opening of the casino.  The chips offered here are in mint condition. 
MD-94 SMALL CIRCLES --  machined circles.  Hunt & Co., Chicago IL.  This mold is, or is close to, Herz' mold #13 (page 19) in his "A Collector's Guide to Nevada Gaming Checks & Chips." 
MD-95 LARGE & SMALL CIRCLES --  machined circles.  Frank Walters Co., Detroit MI.   This is Herz' mold #14 (see MD-94, above).
MD-96 ZIG ZAG AND CIRCLES.  This is Bill Borland's mold #57.  I started collecting chips in earnest after buying Borland's (1988) "The Official Blue Book of Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens" (now out of print).  I set out collecting each different mold.  Recently I obtained this one......I now see that the same mold with the same name is in Herz' earlier (1985) "Harvey's Guide..."  and the later (1995)  "A Collector's Guide...." , where it is his mold #15 (page 19)...... I wouldn't really call it an embossed mold.  It is more like a hot-stamp design, but perhaps it sufficed as a proprietary design for the unknown distributor, who may have used the zig zag rim on all his chips.  Note, too, the machined-like circles in the center of the chip.  These circles don't extend to the rim area.  I thank Ralph Stranwold for finding and selling me these chips.
MD-97 MONARCH MOLD --  a/k/a  RAISCIR (Raised Circle) -- 2 embossed circles and a bulging surface between the circles (sort of like an inner tube of a tire).   c. 1900-1950?   G. H. Harris Co., Brooklyn NY.  Many of these monarch mold chips were made by Hunt & Co., and appear in  "Howdy's Guide to Hunt & Co."
MD-98 $ MOLD --  8 dollar signs.  This is a pretty solid injection molded chip.  I received this chip in 1991.  In 1996 The Poker Chip Co,. Torrance CA, had it in their catalog.  The chip is of a good weight and it makes a nice thud when it hits the table, but it appears to be injection molded; each chip has the two tell-tale small circles on one side......The mold is being used now (April 2002) for a 50 cent hot-stamped chip at the Spa Tribal Casino, Palm Springs CA... ........On the chip at the left I applied a pencil for scanning purposes. 
MD-99 DOUBLE BROKEN CIRCLE --  2 circles broken 8 times.  c. 1976.  H. C. Edwards and Co., NYC. (made for them by Gamex, Las Vegas NV).  Chips with this mold were made for a short period of time because the design/quality was unsuccessful.  For the most part they are clay inlaid chips, except that under the inlay there is a thin metal disc (for weight) and sandwiched between the clay obverse and reverse sides is a thin plastic core!..............The chip pictured is from the Americana, Aruba -- the green $25 one pictured, and a black $100 one.
MD-100 FLEUR DE' LIS -- 8 fleur de lis (the black edge spots [inserts] "hide" some of them in this scan).   Atlantic Molding, Portland ME, the chip manufacturer, created this mold about 1990 and still owns it, as this is written (2001), though no chips of this mold are currently be made. Two one-time distributors of this mold (I own advertising chips on this mold of both firms), are Wico Gaming Supply (c. 1994-1996), and Gamblers General Store -- both in Las Vegas NV. 
FEATHERS (or LEAFS) -- 36 pair of feathers or leafs.  Gene Trimble reported this to me and supplied the scan.  He said it is from the old Burt Co., Portland ME (1920's-1988)........Incidentally, click here  to see a "six feathers" mold chip that was never used to produce chips, other than samples.  Made by  Atlantic Molding, Portland ME, successor to the Burt Co.
MD-102 AZTEC PYRAMID  (a/k/a-the "KP" mold) --  12 repetitions of an Indian-Aztec-pyramid design.  c. 1995 to present.  This is the exclusive mold of  K. P. Gaming Supplies , 12121 Madera Way, Riverside CA  92503, an American Indian owned and operated gambling supply business, headed by Kevin P. Thornton, in exsistence 1993 - date.  The chips are manufactured in California and are used mostly in Indian casinos in that state; some are sold elsewhere in the U.S.
MD-11 HOUSE MOLD -- described in the letters/words section --- click here.
MD-16 WAVE CRESTS --   described in the letters/words section -- click here.
MD-17 "C" MOLD --   described in the letters/words section -- click here
MD-19 "H" MOLD --   described in the letters/words section -- chick here
MD-22 LAZY "N"  (a/k/a OIL CAN MOLD)  --   described in letters/words section -- click here
MD-25 LAZY "S" --  described in the letters/words section -- click here.
MD-53 LAZY DIAMONDS --   described in geometric (diamonds...) section -- click here.
MD-69 DRAGONS --   described in plant/animal section -- click here
MD-78 SMALL CROWNS --   described in the manmade objects section -- click here 
MD-80 HOUR GLASS --   described in the manmade objects section -- click here 
MD-81 HARPS --    described in the manmade objects section -- click here

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